Dexter R. Jones

Made Manifest.  

Dexter R. Jones

“Black art is the source. That’s it.” 


 “I create because I feel like it is a necessity for human development to know that they are capable of putting things into the world that didn’t exist and know that they are responsible for it. I also create because I think its necessary for other people to see that. To see that it can be done. And I think just as I said before, throughout the entire world there are different names for the higher source. There are different names for God. Everybody has their own name for it culturally, but I think the universal terminology for God is the Creator. And I think that creating is the highest level to achieving God like status. Creating things out of nothing is the closest that we as human beings can ever come to being Godly. And it is a Godly experience to be able to do that.”