Though technically the beginning of a new week, Sunday always seems more like the last breath of a week gone past. Depending on the prior week, it is either the panicked gasp of one who fears what comes next, or the peaceful exhalation of one having made the most of their time. 

Sunday is revelation. It is the moment you realize exactly how you are living your life.


There is a lightness in the commute this morning. It's the same route,
same travel time, and same people, but somehow the air feels lighter.
Scowls are softened, smiles come easily and when the mind wanders into
the near future, dread is absent. If this week were a race, and you
were Usain Bolt, this is the moment you look back at your foes, and
realizing they have no hope of overtaking you, you smile. An eye
squinting forehead wrinkling all your teeth want to be seen sort of
smile. The finish line is moments ahead and now there's no stopping

Once that computer screen goes black and you Fred Flintstone slide out
of your office, you contemplate all the joyous things you will do with
your newfound freedom. Will you celebrate tonight? Reveling in the
streets, a gold medal that says "Weekend" dangling around your neck?
Or will you simply dwell in the moment, feet placed gently on your
ottoman as you enjoy obligationless peace?

Either way, your relief feels unparalleled and your possibilities feel
endless. So no matter the choice you make, or plans you have for your
moments of respite, it will be a very Happy Friday indeed.


You're in your zone now. The mind sees the goal, and all energy conspires to reach it. It's within reach, nearly palpable and now it is merely time that hinders. Effort feels minimal, as it is wrapped in the knowledge of its imminent end.


Thursday is the growing luminance at the end of a long dark tunnel.


Tonight you celebrate.


There's just something about half way. That moment of realization that path ahead is just as short as the path behind, and that you don't have to do any more than you've already done. Now that can manifest poorly (midlife crisis) or positively (second half comeback). But here, when all there's only freedom at the end,  the halfway mark is motivation to keep going. A "you got this!" yelled from the crowd. A cup of electrolytes extended to you from an encouraging arm.

Wednesday is a weekly manifestation of a grey haired elder saying, "trouble don't last always."

Theme Of The Week: 'Murica (5-15-16)

The Black White & Grey

United States Of America. Here, the American flag is ubiquitous. It flaps over us in offices. It's plastered on the backs of our trucks. It's draped over our bodies. So how does personal patriotism live in this constant inundation of American imagery? This week, while stripping away the color, we will explore how the Stars and Stripes manifest themselves in our daily lives.

In the comments, tell me what you think about the flag? Do you feel like it is everywhere? What does it mean to you? How do you feel about it?